Home remedies to lose weight fast without exercise

Home remedies to lose weight fast without exercise

Do you feel the pain on your knees when you wake up in the morning? You love to eat food in the restaurant, easy fast food, processed food (because we are too busy) in fact, we all love. What have we thought once and for all, how risky it is for our body? No worries there is amazing home remedies to lose weight fast without exercise.
There are lots of home remedies to lose weight fast without exercise.
And also, noticing your clothes starting to get tighter and tighter? Are you seeing your tummy starting to bulge? It may be time to realize and accept that you’ve gained so weight. This is also the time to decide to lose unwanted pounds. You can lose the unwanted pounds and start fitting properly into your clothes again. We’ll give you some helpful home remedies to lose weight.

Not every weight loss solution is recommended by expert physicians. Don’t take any diet pills without your physicians’ advice. All diet pills have different side effects sometimes it may permanent in our body.
The best weight loss solution is diet and regular exercise.  
We know after 9 to 5 there is no energy to knock the GYM door.
However, there are varieties of homemade solutions to lose weight.

1. Ispaghula husk

Psyllium seed husk is commonly known as Psyllium and others call it Ispaghula or Isabgol. Start your morning with this miracle drinks. Let me explain how you can use it. At night 2 teaspoon ispaghula put in the water. In the morning add more water to mix it and drink it. Don’t mix sugar if your goal is to lose weight. Now let me explain why it is miracle drinks. The best home remedies to lose weight fast without exercise. You can find this Ispaghula husk any grocery shop, Indian grocery shop, sometimes Kroger as well.


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Constipation– Psyllium especially uses for dietary fiber. If you have constipation problem you can drink it without any hesitations. It is full of fiber. Help to softness the stool.
High blood cholesterol– If you have high blood pressure Ispaghula husk will control it dramatically. In 1998 The U.S Food and drug administration approved that psyllium as a soluble fiber which reduces the risk of heart disease. (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psyllium#Uses)
Type 2 diabetes-It may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. FDA concluded that there is very little scientific evidence to control diabetes.

2. Tamarind water

As we know diabetes is a silent killer on the contrary tamarind water is a silent helper to lose your weight, control your blood sugar. If you have acidity, high cholesterol, and digestion problem tamarind water will help to overcome those health problems.

Before drink, this water makes sure your stomach is full of healthy food. If you drink it with empty stomach it may harmful for your body. Drink it before bed at night. Dramatically reduce your fat to increase your metabolism. Your every morning will start with a fresh mind.


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3. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera, wonder plant has healing qualities for both internal and external medications. It has over 200 active components like vitamins, minerals, enzymes, anti-oxidants, and amino acids.

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Only juice cannot help to lose weight. Need proper healthy food healthy diet plan. There are lots of healthy diet plan and pills in the market. Diet and exercise is the best solution to keep us fit and healthy.

Benefits of Aloe Vera-

  • Aloe Vera helps to reduce weight.
  • Hair fall solution
  • Dental pain removal.
  • Control high blood pressure
  • Drinking aloe vera juice before and after the meal will
  • control blood sugar.
  • Aloe Vera jell helps to remove any skin disease.
  • An immune system booster.
  • Anti-aging, remove pimple. 

Choose Protein on your diet-

Protein is a very important element for our body’s growth and repair process. Protein provides the energy needed to regenerate our body from daily fatigue.

It is the second most important element to keep us fit and healthy. Ketogenic diet plan can help you to measure between protein and carb.

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Single Ingredient Foods In Your Diet Plan

Eating single nutrient whole foods is the best way to manage organic content in the body. Single nutrient foods pack both energy and nutrient concentration in one punch.

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This makes it a reliable and trusted source of food. Examples include Nuts, whole foods, and organic vegetables. These are rich in nutrients and organic minerals + vitamins free from artificial processing.

Processed foods contain unnecessary sugars and fats that add weight and calories. Most whole foods are also very filling and if we have it once a day, the need for carbohydrates for energy source disappears.

Eat More Healthy Foods And Lose Weight

If you want to lose weight there is no alternative except healthy food. Physicians and dietitians are always suggesting healthy food to lose weight and keep your body more beautiful. Of course, you should try to avoid deep-fried junk food. Because its take time to burn in our body and our pancreas cannot produce oxygen. And then we can see lots of complications in our body. If you choose healthy food each meal you will reduce weight dramatically without exercise, and without Pills.


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Eat more seeds and nuts

It should not come as a great surprise that the health benefits of seeds are very significant. Because seeds are the part of a plant that contains all the ingredients needed to bring forth new life.
Find out why the health benefits of seeds are essential to your diet.
chia seed
Chia seed is hydrophilic which means that the seeds soak up in the water. So they act as a method of hydrating our body over a longer period.
Plant-based foods help to a reduced the risk of many adverse health conditions. Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and overall mortality.
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The U.S dietary guidelines suggest that men under 50 years should consume 30.8 grams of fiber.
And women under 50 years age should consume 25.2 grams per day.
Plant seeds contain high fiber, feel full for a long time. And those are usually low calories and help us to lose weight naturally without exercise.
Flax seeds
One tablespoon of flax seeds contain a good amount of protein, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids. A rich source of vitamins and minerals.
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Pumpkin seeds, sesame seed, hemp seed, sunflower seeds are a great source of healthy fats, fiber, and vegetarian protein. Instead of chocolate you can put all those seeds on your office desk and reading table. One of the best home remedies to lose weight without exercise.

Food Depression

Let me explain, suppose you are on a very strict diet. You are avoiding your most favorites foods for a long time. Like Pizza, ice cream. Suddenly your friend invites you on his birthday and at a time you ate 8 to 10 slices pizza. Your diet rules just broke in one day. This is called food depression.

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So, If you want to lose your weight try to eat your favorite food early in the morning but a very little portion. In that case, you have the whole day to burn it. Don’t make food depression on your head.

Avoid Processed Food

Nutritional density is very less in processed food. The amount of nutrients depends on the food and processing methods.
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For example, canned fruits posses less vitamin C because heat destroys vitamin C.
Processing Food is typically a mechanical process. That utilizes extrusion, grinding, chopping large mixing equipment in the production method.
There are some benefits of food processing such as making food last longer. And making products more convenient and easy. Like frozen vegetables without any sauce and artificial ingredients may be healthy. Usually, canned food contains high sodium, sugars, fewer nutrients, trans fat causes of type2 diabetes. Also, Increase the risk of cancer according to the world health organization.

Stock healthy food and snacks

If you want to lose weight without exercise you have to be pretty calculative. Chips, any fizzy drinks, canned fruits, processed food are strongly prohibited. As we can see lots of protein bar, granola bar, healthy grains bar are already available in the market. All snacks are gluten-free made from whole ingredients and low in sodium. Generally, parents buy chips, chocolate, popcorn canned food for their kids. Does that food really healthy for them? Do we think how those food effects on our health? 

Drink Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon is an aromatic spice, which is considered to be highly useful for human health. This sweet-tasted spice is available in the form of hard sticks, as it is derived from the inner barks of some medicinal trees. Cinnamon is known to be effective in lowering blood sugar, cholesterol, and excess body weight.
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It is also used as a successful home remedy for the
improvement of cardiac health and the immune system of the body. As well as preventing Alzheimer’s disease or other similar kinds of brain damages. How you can make cinnamon tea? Boil 2/3 piece of cinnamon in water for 15 to 20 minutes and put some cloves and cardamon too for better results. Extract the boiled materials and strain the filtrate into a cup to drink the smooth rich taste. No need to add any milk, sugar or honey.

Remove Junk food

These are foods low in nutrients but high in calories. Examples are “junk” food. These foods contain a high amount of unsaturated fat, oil, salt or sugar.
Examples can also include too much chocolate or candies, potato chips and deep-fried items, etc. These foods are absolutely bad for your weight loss efforts and even bad for health.
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Not only does it affect the health but your gums and teeth. Sugar coats in the enamels leading to plaque accumulation For better health both physical and oral, we need to stay away from eating these foods as much as possible since they come with so many bad effects.
Instead of deep-fried food, you can take one protein or granola bar. Which would you choose? Healthy life or weighty Life? The choice is yours. Granola bars can rescue you from deadly diseases.

Less Carb

It is very difficult to live without Carbohydrates. In fact carbohydrates our main source of energy. Instead of white rice and bread, we can choose brown rice and bread. If we removed carb completely from our chart then our skin will be getting older quickly.


Above all the home remedies to lose weight with exercise. Nothing can beat exercise when trying to lose weight. Work out at least 30 minutes every day and you’ll see results in no time. You can choose to jog are walk neighborhood or in a gym, dance every day or play a sport. Do whatever you can to stay healthy and fit.
These home remedies to lose weight are just suggestions. You can read up more on this and create whatever works for your lifestyle. The important thing is that you’re doing something to become fit and healthy. Supplements weight loss pills may help to lose your weight fast but before taking any pills ask your physician first.

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