How eat Smart Kitchen Scales Help You Lose Weight-2021


OK, you’ve put on a few pounds since you are working from home, and your clothes are getting a bit snug. Just add the new addition “eat Smart Kitchen Scales” in your kitchen.

You don’t really want to go on an intensive diet, you just want to watch what you eat and eat more healthily.

This is where Eat Smart digital kitchen scales come in.

Eat Smart have produced two scales – the Precision Pro digital kitchen scale, and the Eat Smart Digital Nutrition Scale.

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The Precision Pro scale is designed to be a very sensitive kitchen scale – it can weigh food as small as 1 gram.

If you are cooking for one and trying to stick precisely to healthy recipes, this kitchen scale is ideal.


The Digital Nutrition Scale goes one better; it not only weighs food, but it also gives you nutritional information on what you are weighing, such as the number of calories, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates in the raw ingredients, as well as information about vitamins and minerals in each ingredient.

This is important if you are trying to cut back on the stodgy stuff.

The first step to weight loss is simply being aware of what you are eating. When you can actually see how much carbohydrates and fats are in your ingredients, you can adjust your portions before you cook your meal.

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Or you can try a recipe that has less of the waist-expanding stuff in it.

Anyone who has been brought up to clear their plates will know how hard it is to exercise portion control when you have a delicious but fattening meal already on the table.

It’s a lot easier to calorie count before you have cooked your meal.

This is where the Eat Smart Nutrition Scale really contribute to helping you eat more healthily.

By using the information on the nutrition scale as to calories and ingredients, you can ensure that what you are cooking is healthy and low in fat before it gets to the table.

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That way, even if you clear your plate you won’t be taking in excessive calories and hence won’t be putting on weight.

You can also use the nutrition scale to make sure you are taking in what you need in terms of vitamins and minerals from your food instead of from tablets.

Controlling what you cook in this way guarantees you will stay slim and healthy especially if you combine healthy eating with sensible exercises such as gentle walking and light aerobics.


Digital Food eat Smart Kitchen Scales- Four Golden Benefits You Would Not Want to Miss


Digital food scales inform you about the proportion and absolute amount of essential nutritional components your food has.

This information comes in terms of constituent food elements such as proteins, fat, minerals, and fibers and in terms of calories associated with your food intake.

Smart use of these scales helps you solve a lot of your health and weight management issues.

You get to stop guessing what’s in your food and finally get the details on what you’re about to eat or prepare.

The four key benefits of using a digital food scale are listed below.

Nutrient identification: A digital food scale lets you know the nutritional content of the food that you are eating.

You can identify and adjust the amount and proportion of the individual item based on your preference. Thus you gain complete control over the specific nutrients that you consume.

Control of energy intake: Since you can control the nutrients that the food is composed of to an extent, they end up controlling the calorie intake.

Interestingly, modern digital food scales also inform you of the calorific value of your food.

Health control: The energy and the component control will, in turn, let you have better control of your health.

The food that you eat plays a key role in shaping your health, so a digital food scale gives you a big hint towards the effect your food will have on your health.

For example, taking too much fat can make you obese, and taking too little salt can negatively affect many of your organ functions.

Maintenance of dietary balance: Since you have total control of what you consume, you can easily add the elements that you want to have and eliminate the ones that you desire to avoid.

Thus, the digital food scale can add noteworthy value to your life that would carry you a long way forward.


How to Lose Weight Like a Web Designer And Keep It Off


If you are a web designer or in a profession where the most exercised parts of your body are your fingers tap-dancing on keypads and the mouse.

Website designing is a wonderfully creative field but it does tie you to your computer. You could be spending continuous hours on your swivel armchair without taking a break.

And the breaks you do take probably include Coke, caffeine, or some junk snack.

Well, join the club. Most web designers start showing the bulge in less than a year into the profession.

While this hardly adds to your attractiveness, there is a greater danger from the lurking possibilities – high cholesterol, cardiac problems, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses.

Losing weight is a lot tougher than gaining it. But it is worthwhile.


q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B002MK6QKO&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=sabihasward01 20&language=en USir?t=sabihasward01 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B002MK6QKO And if you work on it on a day by day basis without taking any extreme or painful measures, it may not even be as hard as you imagine. You need to hammer in one rule for life and that is “Count your calories”.

  1. Know how many calories you burn all-day

Based on your age, sex, height, weight, and other factors, find out your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) or the calories you burn if you don’t move all day.

To the BMR, add the calories you burn during your daily routine. This total defines the upper limit of your caloric intake.

  1. Keep a record of calories you eat all-day

Most products are labeled with their nutritional content. Keep track of how much you eat in a day and the calories it converts to.

There are online applications for you to monitor your daily intake and progress or you can stick to a notebook.

As you start realizing the shocking number of calories there are in a small snack, you’ll start switching to lower calorie choices to settle the hunger pangs. Get a kitchen scale to measure servings so your caloric intake is more accurate.

  1. Relating calories to weight

In the world of nutritional science, a pound is equivalent to 3500 calories.

To lose 1 pound of fat in a week, you need to eat 500 calories lesser than your daily caloric limit.

It is not recommended that you shed more than 2 pounds a week or you could end up losing muscle and may end up deficient in important nutrients. Eat smart but don’t starve.


  1. Exercise and burn more calories

In addition to reducing your food intake, you should also start exercising. Walk, jog, run, cycle – any activity that burns calories.

Do cardio exercises to strengthen your heart and lungs. Boost your metabolic rate by building muscle mass. It would in turn help burn even more calories.

The more calories you burn, the more you can eat. Hit the gym at least 3-4 times a week and make it part of your lifestyle.

Because of the Pandemic GYM is not safe for us and most of the peoples are working from home. Dramatically we are gaining weight.

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As a result, weight loss supplement pills and gadgets manufacturers are very active since January 2020.

  1. Drink lots of water

All soda based drinks, beer, and alcoholic beverages are out of the window. Stick to water whenever you feel thirsty. Avoid fruit juices; they contain even more calories than Coke.

  1. Eat small portions

Eat small portions of food. This makes your digestion faster and speeds up the metabolism. For example, if you want to snack, buy a small pack with lesser calories.

  1. Motivate yourself with a scale

Losing weight is an uphill task and the first few days are the most trying. Get a scale and weigh yourself first thing every morning.

When you see your weight reducing gradually, you’ll feel more motivated.

  1. Stave off cravings

Gum is your best friend whenever you’re assailed with cravings for the donut at the bakery. Chew gum and think about the old pair of jeans you’ve always loved and want to fit into again.

  1. Take a break sometimes

Losing weight is not a punishment. So let go once a week. Eat whatever you want and don’t take your weight that day.

In fact, even on other days, have a burger if you can’t take your eye off it. But balance the meal so you don’t go over the daily intake threshold.

  1. Stay away from fancy gadgets

Lastly, losing fat and keeping it off is hard work. Also, remember that spot reduction is a myth. Do not waste money on fancy gadgets that promise to help you shed fat from specific areas of your body.

They just don’t work! You can get some weight to lose supplements in the market. Make sure those are made with natural ingredients and of course FDA approved.

The Bottom Line

With time, these practices will become habits and hopefully, you will not only lose weight but also maintain it. So, eat smart, exercise, and enjoy a healthy life.