How to lose weight fast naturally and Permanently?


Lots of debate on how to lose weight fast naturally and permanently. No magic pill is available to lose weight accept regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Other forms of weight loss like pills and exercise are not permanent because when you stop taking pills or stop exercising, you start gaining more weight than you lost.

There are different kinds of diets plans available in the market claiming their benefits to losing weight, but most of them are just quick-fix diets that provide temporary results.

No magic pill is available to lose weight. However, if you want to be successful, a real approach is there which is the combination of regular exercise and healthy diet, which can provide you the required results. 

If you want, see a change in your life you should change your lifestyle, and you should have the courage to adapt to a lifestyle which can permanently change your physique. Here you can find the best ways to lose weight permanently by altering some of your eating habits.

Include Protein to Your Diet

It orders to lose weight naturally; protein is one of the essential nutrients.

A protein-rich diet can reduce your appetite and make you more full. According to some research studies, it is explained that people eat over 400 fewer calories per day on a high protein diet. Eating breakfast rich in protein like eggs can also have a powerful effect.

Adding high protein food in your meals will not only speed up your metabolism but also the digestion of protein tends to burn more calories.

Eliminate Processed Foods from the diet

Processed foods generally have high amounts of fats, calories and added sugars which make them unhealthy to eat.

Lots of other additives such as preservatives, flavor enhances are also excessively used in processed food. So to lose weight permanently, you should avoid such foods.

Prefer Healthy Foods and Snacks

There is no alternative for the homemade and home cooked food. If you are preparing your meals at home, then there is no chance of getting anything unhealthy, or you cannot put extra weight. Food kept at home are easy to prepare and are healthy. 

You can grow fresh vegetables in your home, or buy fresh fruits, nuts and try to consume these natural foods as much as you can. Try to incorporate fresh yogurt, fruit, hard-boiled eggs, carrots and nuts in your daily meals, to lose weight naturally and permanently.

Avoid Sugar intake

Eating lots of sugar not only leads to weight gain but also cause the world’s most dominant diseases including diabetes, heart diseases, and cancer. Limiting your daily sugar intake is one the best way to lose weight permanently, especially do not try to eat anything sweet late at night. 

Drink Water

Drinking the optimum amount of water at the proper time assist you to lose weight naturally as it is free of any calories and sugar. Drinking 0.5 liters of water after an hour of your every meal can help in burning 24-30% more calories. By drinking water instead of soda drinks, coffee and tea the chances of losing weight are brighter.

Avoid soft drinks

Liquid calories manly come from a variety of beverages available in the market like artificial fruit juices, energy drinks, and soft drinks. According to the latest trend, these sugary soft drinks are now considered as an integral part of the meal.

People use them with a meal to boost the digestion process but ultimately the high sugar and acid content harm them rather than providing any good effect.

These drinks are harmful in many ways like they can increase the chances of occurrence of obesity. The main reason for obesity in children is due to the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages. 

For losing weight permanently try to eat fruit instead relying on making juice by adding sugar. Try to increase your intake of foods rich in vegetables, fruits, and water to lose weight.

Drink Green Tea

Green tea possesses natural antitoxins which help in losing the weight naturally. There are many benefits linked with green tea including fat burning and weight loss. Green tea can increase energy expenditure by 4 % and increase selective fat burning by up to 17 %, especially harmful belly fat.

So for losing weight naturally, you can drink green tea twice a day by adding lemon for better taste and effect.

Fruits and Vegetables

Vegetables and fruits are friendly food for weight loss and are incredibly healthy. Besides being high in water, nutrients, and fiber, they usually have very low energy density.

When you consume vegetables, it provides the dietary fiber and extra energy that you need. It also controls weight effectively. Like the fruits, vegetables also help fill the stomach faster limiting the total amount of food that we eat.

These also give the nutrients that you need to boost your energy production within the muscle cells giving you a natural feeling of vivacity and helps your body to burn more energy each day. It has also low in sodium content which helps you reduce your water gain. If there is less sodium intake, there is less water in your body leading to a reduction in weight.

Same with fruits, vegetables also help you in losing weight. It has low-fat content and low in calories. There is less water retention because the sodium level is low. It fills the stomach quickly due to its high fiber content and also it increases your strength due to high nutrient content.

Various studies show that people who consume more fruits and vegetables tend to weigh less.

Get Enough Sleep

Proper and sound sleep is essential for weight loss and to prevent weight gain.

Obesity ration is higher (up to 55%) in people who are sleep deprived as compared to people who get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation interferes with the daily fluctuations in appetite hormones, leading to poor appetite regulation.

Eat only when you’re hungry

Healthy weight and physique can only be maintained when you eat your meals at proper times. Eating in response to unnecessary craving often leads to weight gain. So if you are willing to lose weight eat your meals after regular intervals or only when you feel hungry

Changing Your Lifestyle

Changing lifestyle does not mean to diet and doesn’t eat much. However, it is an entirely different scenario; you have to nourish you’re your body with healthy nutrients and side by side you have to do some exercise, to keep your body fit. This combination will help you to lose weight permanently and quickly.


For achieving a permanent weight loss regular exercise is essential. However, the question is which exercise is better for weight loss? There are several activities you can do to lose weight.

You can start walking several miles in a day especially in the morning will help you to burn more calories. Alternatively, you can also join the gym and do a variety of exercises with the help of different machines.


Adding cardio such as jogging, running, and cycling, hiking is one of the best ways to burn calories and boost both physical and mental health. Cardio does not only help you to reduce the weight but also improve risk factors related to heat diseases.

Cardio is very useful for decreasing the belly fat, and fat builds up around your organs.  Many people use cardio as their priority to lose weight along with the diet.

It all starts in learning how to eat smart and live life wisely. This is not about what you eat or how you eat but it’s a matter of food preference.

Your food of choice may help you lessen the risks of acquiring diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and many more.

Moreover, learning the habits of vigorous eating can perk up your fitness by enhancing your energy, whetting your memory and soothing your temper. You should expand your range of healthy foods so that you can try everything and with that, you will be able to know the best foods that you can take making you in good physical shape and fit at the same time.

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