Cities to visit in Netherlands since summer vacation is coming


Cities to visit in Netherlands during the Pandemic 2020

There are many cities to visit in Netherlands to travel by car. Netherlands is quite just the tulip fields(due to COVID-19 we can’t visit the beautiful tulip garden), dikes, windmills, and bikes. Learn more about the country, experience Dutch life because it happens.


And walk along its streets and walk with its history, culture, and other people. So, plan the trip, pack your bags, and head for these places and activities within the Netherlands. You can make a day tour since the Netherlands is not a big country.

Because of COVID -19, it is better to avoid public transport especially if you are traveling with children or elderly people. Though we are trying to go back in normal life. There is a list of Cities to visit in Netherlands. 

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1.) Amsterdam

If there’s one thing that draws people into this city, it’s probably the relaxed atmosphere that you never get to experience elsewhere. Amsterdam locals have found how to balance professional life with relaxation and to seek out time to enjoys the sun and to attend business responsibilities. Shop, dine, party, and relax during this care-free, liberal city with its friendly English-speaking people.


Cities to visit in Netherlands


  1. Rotterdam

Rotterdam, the fashionable city of Netherlands has risen from the ashes of war II. Its Phoenix-like revival has given the planet an example of how something completely devastated is often restored. The rebuilding process causes most of the demolition. It is today’s worlds’ largest seaport. The City Hall, The St. Lawrence Church, and White survived the war miraculously.


Beautiful Rotterdam


It is the most modern city in the Netherlands. With high rising towers of company and building and quality amenities, this city never allows you to feel that it’s been rebuilt. The architects of several countries contributed to rebuilding the city–they applied their theories to form Rotterdam an enormous tunnel.

A perfect place for nice night outs, Rotterdam may be a place which possesses the assets like Thalialounge. for classical music De Doelen is a wonderful venue. Now&Now clubs and Off Corso and Baja Beach Club are very fashionable destinations amongst tourists. Rotterdam nightlife is fantastic.

3.) Delft

Delft is a town of beauty, with its houses, tree-lined canals, and historical landmarks. Walk around the historical town and be enthralled by the tranquility of its bridges, pavements, houses, and brickworks that stood the tests of time. You can also attend the Delftse Hout recreation area and check out windsurfing, swimming in its lake and narrow beaches, or inspect its community gardens, camping areas, and other sports facilities.


Cities to visit in Netherlands


4.) Haarlem

Get a taste of the Harlem beer where it’s brewed. Take an enter the bustling Grote Markt on Mondays and Saturdays and luxuriate in the market, buy anything from clothing materials to fresh herring. Tulips also grow in abundance in Haarlem, so make sure to visit and take a sniff of one of Haarlem’s most prized industries.


Cities to visit in Netherlands


5.) The Hague

The Hague, with all its 100 km2 piece of land, serves as the home of the Dutch Government, the International Court of Justice, and the International Criminal Court. This makes The Hague not only important in terms of domestic affairs but also in terms of the international justice system as well. Take a peek into the life and culture of this city by visiting its museums and other tourist destinations.


Cities to visit in Netherlands


6.) Bike Tour

Biking has been a way of life for the Dutch people, and people from all walks of life do it for health, economic or recreational reasons. Travel the Netherlands on two wheels and see an area you’ll never see on four wheels. Better yet, join the Dutch bicycle tour and knowledge Netherlands the way you never imagined.


Cities to visit in Netherlands


7.) Beer Drinking

Going to a beer-exporting country demands you ought to taste it on site, and Heineken isn’t the top of the Dutch beer line. This never seems to be a drag for the Dutch who ship some 1,300 million liters of beer annually and allows 16-year-olds to drink their beer. Whether you drink it as a delicacy or you just want an excuse to crawl to your hotel’s door, a Dutch retreat is never a Dutch retreat without those Heinekens.


Cities to visit in Netherlands


8.) Keukenhof Gardens

Love Flowers? See how nature and Dutch hands create a paradise with blooming tulips, hyacinths, and other assortments of flowers. River cruises that feature spring tulip cruises also are being offered to people that would want to require a glance at Keukenhof Gardens and therefore the remainder of the Netherlands.


Cities to visit in Netherlands


9.) Hoge Veluwe National Park

Measuring 5,500 hectares, Hoge Veluwe park is the largest national reserve within the Netherlands. It is home not just for drift-sands, wild deer and other animals but also to the Kröller-Müller Museum, the repository of Helene Kröller-Müller’s collection.


Cities to visit in Netherlands


While going there with four wheels isn’t advisable, you’ll rent white bicycles in three designated regions and hope you’ll never stray within the see of green and gold.

10.) Van Gogh Museum

The Netherlands is home not just for budding tulips but also for famous painters and artists. Located in Amsterdam, Van Gogh Museum is considered one of the best galleries that feature impressionist artworks. Walk-in and see “The Potato Eaters” and “The Yellow House in Arles” right before your eyes.


Cities to visit in Netherlands


11.) Leiden Netherlands

With a 2007 population of 118,000, Leiden is located in South Holland where the Old and New Rhine Rivers meet. Leiden is an ancient city, and but for a gunpowder blast in 1807 which destroyed 220 houses, much of the old town remains. Leiden is also the birthplace of Rembrandt, who would probably still recognize the place even though he died in 1669.


Cities to visit in Netherlands


Leiden University was awarded to the town for its resistance to the Spanish occupation in 1574 and remains to this day. This picturesque town also features no shortage of charm, with its many canals, tree-lined quays, and wonderful architectural gems. There are also many places to eat and drink, and shopping is varied and interesting. And if you like old traditions, there is a 900-year-old traditional market held on the banks of the Rhine every Wednesday and Saturday. If pancakes are your thing, Leiden is home to the world’s oldest pancake house, called Out Leyden.

12. Giethoorn Village, a Venice in Holland

Giethoorn town in the Netherlands is the auto free town in the northeastern Dutch domain of Overijssel. It’s known for its watercraft filled courses, pathways, bicycle trails, and several years of age secured housetop houses. It borders a fraction of the Weerribben-Wieden park, a boggy domain once surely understood for peat and reed harvesting. By the diversion focus, Museum Giethoorn ‘t Olde Maat Uus is a farm show corridor speaking to the district’s history.


trip to Giethoorn


Giethoorn verifiably has notoriety with regards to gastronomic delight. It is home to different phenomenal eateries, a considerable lot of which are obviously delightfully arranged at the water’s edge.

The feature among them could be eatery De Lindenhof (Beulakerweg 77), with 2 Michelin stars, however, Hollands Venetië (Beulakerweg 167) and ‘t Achterhuus (Dominee T O Hylkemaweg 43) are likewise profoundly prescribed!

Not an extended way from Giethoorn, you’ll likewise discover such old towns as Vollenhove and Blokzijl. There, you’ll walk around notable structures, antiquated holy places, and strongholds. For nature sweethearts, park De Weerribben-Wieden is exceedingly suggested.

N.B: Because of covid-19 you need Pre reservation. Visit Giethorn official website.

What the Netherlands is Famous For while Cities to visit in Netherlands

Tulips – this is often one among the items that inherit mind once we believe the Netherlands. From the top of March till the top of May the Keukenhof garden (located near the town of Lisse) gathers visitors for the foremost fantastic flower show within the world.

Flower plantations stretch everywhere the coast. In spring the entire district is roofed with a multicolored carpet quite 17500 hectares big. Almost half it’s tulips.

Initially, tulip bulbs were brought here from Turkey and Central Asia. The Netherlands, with its sandy coastal soil, proved to be ideal for tulip planting, and pretty soon these flowers got extremely popular – one bulb could cost the maximum amount as some mansion by the Amsterdam canal.

Later the flower market fell into decay, but within the 18th century, it had been in bloom again. Nowadays Netherlands is the world’s largest flower exporter.

There are quite 7,5 billion tulip bulbs gathered within the country per annum, and an excellent amount of them is sold abroad.

The Netherlands is additionally renowned for its excellent cheese; it’s the most important cheese exporter within the planet. the foremost famous cheese sorts are Edam and Gouda, both produced of cow’s milk. one among the foremost famous local cheese markets is found in Alkmaar, opened every Friday morning from April till October.


gouda cheese amsterdam


The market still follows the principles of 1672, and therefore the trade is administered consistent with the traditional traditions: first, the customer chooses kind of the cheese he wants to shop for then the vendor and the client clap the hands of each other (one after another) until they agree upon the worth. After the bargaining is over, cheese is delivered to the weighing house (Waag).


Initially, clogs (wooden shoes) were traditional Dutch footwear worn by the folk. Only the richest citizens could afford costlier and convenient shoes. Still, the Netherlands produces quite 3,7 million clogs a year.

Citizens don’t wear them any longer, but people working within the country sometimes do – they’re warmer and drier than simple rubber boots.

Former clogs were also a neighborhood of traditional clothes by which individuals could define where an individual comes from. Most beautiful clogs are produced in Hindeloopen, Friesland.

handmade wooden clogs


Windmills. During Roman times, the Dutch coast was covered with sand drifts and vast swamps. while it has passed since this place became the wonderful “water country”.

For years and years, people were struggling to empty the territory and far contribution was made by the windmills. Now many of them are found in Dutch cities and villages.

Windmills were invented within the middle of the 16th century to assist pump the water up to the upper level.

This was a real break-through that helped manage the disaster. From now people could causeway the territory around the lake, pump water from it, and begin cultivating the soil. Sometimes the mills were inbuilt a row, forming a staircase.

The worse things with the territory were, the more windmills were built. Most of them were erected south-east of Rotterdam since the district, Albrandswaard is edged with the Rhine inflows.

When these measures weren’t enough, people started creating reservoirs. one among the foremost famous Dutch reservoirs is found in Kinderdike. The reservoir is basically huge and surrounded by 19 windmills, which makes it a spectacular view.

Finally, don’t leave the Netherlands without going shopping. There are plenty of malls and fashion boutiques throughout the country, especially in Amsterdam, Utrecht, and The Hague, where the shops are open until midnight and offer big discounts every last Thursday of June. Don’t forget to buy traditional souvenirs, too, like wooden clogs, Delftware pottery, and cheese, like Gouda and Edam.