What is the best educational summer indoor and outdoor toys/gifts for kids 2019

What is the best educational summer indoor and outdoor toys/gifts for kids



Summer is knocking at your door. Are you still undecided on what will keep your children from enjoying the sun,  sand and indoors?


Look no further, for finding the best creative & educational summer toys/gifts for kids, you have landed on the correct page.


 After school, are your kids glued to the Digital technology? Summer vacation is coming soon, Parents also looking for best summer indoor and outdoor toys/gifts for kids, how can we keep them busy with productive work instead of gadgets?


Definitely, kids are excited about summer. They have tons of plans such as; a vacation with friends, family, and  Unlimited summer fun activities.


Shop them online from the best and incredibly exciting online stores from all around the world available with one click at your fingertips.


Here, You can get ideas for the exciting educational summer indoor and outdoor toys/gifts for kids so they can have the best super summer 2019…


1. Perfect Inflatable Outdoor Sprinkler  

Every child loves to play with water. When outside too hot it is good to allow them to have fun with water. “Inflatable Outdoor Sprinkler Pad” super simple easy to set for more fun. At the same time, many children can use.
Super fun playmate brings extra fun for your kids. Stay in the water in perfect relaxation for kids and adults too. Also, you can use it as birthday gifts.

2. Outdoor Picnic Table with Umbrella

After having fun with water lets sit in the backyard benches with friends and family.

Kids will occupy this new benches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Perfect outdoor picnic table for 6 children. You can use this table for a birthday party as well. Its take hardly 10 minutes to fix.


During summertime, you can add some fun projects at the table. Mummy no rush it is easy to clean.

You can buy this tiny golf set for your future Tiger Woods. It is very light, portable.
And almost everywhere you carry this Golf set. It is also educational toys helps to develop your kid’s learning, hand-eye coordination, full body balance, patience, and concentration.
This is unisex toys. Best choose for indoor, outdoor activities and for birthday gifts as well. It is safe if you use properly by following instructions.

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4.Ring Toss Games

Traditional games Never grow us old. Mummy daddy also can join with kids. Ring toss games include five durable rope rings. 
This game also helps to improve your child concentration skills and teach the importance of task completion.
Your kids will be positively active and develop their interpersonal skill. The very early stage they will learn about teamwork.
Elite Outdoor Kids Games - Ring Toss Games for Kids and Outdoor Toys Keep Kids Active - Easy to Assemble and Includes a Compact Carry Bag for Easy Storage - Fun Family Games for Kids and Adults

5. Bubble Machine, Boys Girls Toys

Ribbit Ribbit…lol Frog shape bubble machine equipped with a strong fan and 8 bubble wands, Which can help to blow out a lot of colorful bubbles at a time.

Its produce 500 bubbles per minute.  Parents can choose it for a birthday gift as well. For a few moments, your backyard will be full of colorful bubbles and you can see the organic happiness on your kid’s face. You can bring a bunch of happiness for your family.

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6. Beach Wagon Toys Set

Without exploring the beach your summer plan will be incomplete.
A great chance to make some lovely memories with your lovely family. You can found varieties color of beach wagon toys online.
Beach wagon toy set coming with water wheel, beach tool kit, beach bucket, watering can, etc.  For health issue always try to choose BPA free toys. 
Easy to carry and took very short place in your luggage. Kids are also ready to make the sand castle. You can see their imagination and creativity which may make you more proud.

7. Little Tikes Garden Table

This is an amazing product for your little one. Literally, your kids will be happy to get his/her own garden.
Kids may have an interest in science and how it works. We should involve them in the garden by showing them the science of plants.
Give them a small area for their own garden. Every day they will enjoy taking care of their own gardens like mummy and daddy. It helps to develop their responsibility.
For extra Fun Add more stuff, like.. Blossom Bright Sprinkler,
Little Tikes Garden Table - 630453M

8. Seas Waterpark Play Table

It is not possible to go to the local waterpark every day. This waterpark Play table will bring unlimited summer fun for your kids.
Water capacity is 6 gallons, Very easy to use, clean and refill. This summer toys will bring extra fun for sure. For additional fun, you can add Munchkin Fishin’ Bath Toy too.

9. Meland Marble Run

Meland marble maze set is coming with 90 translucent building pieces and 21 pieces marbles.

All of the parts are interchangeable so kids can make infinite models. This kind of toys will show their creativity, promotes patience and develops self-confidence.
Also improving hand-eye Coordination, Problem-solving skills. 

10. Kick Scooter with Removable Seat Great for Kids & Toddlers 

Instead of the electronic scooter, kicking scooter is far safe for your kids. Kids cannot control electronics scooters speed.  scooter also good for exercise, develop balance skill, coordination and more. Three wheeler scooter is best for a beginner.

Scooter for Kids Scooters 3 Wheeled Scooter 3 Wheel Scooter for Kids Ages 2-12 (Blue)

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11. Fishing Game, Developmental Toy


Fishing in the summer another adventure for your kids. A magnetic fishing game is enough to keep your kid busy for the whole day.

It helps to develop your kid’s eye and hand coordination, fine motor skills, problem-solving and interpersonal skills.

12. Inflatable Jump and Slide Bounce House w/heavy duty blower

Another amazing slide protector outdoor activity in your backyard. Leave your kids for unlimited summer fun with friends and family.

The whole day their body and mind are busy with productive works. Just let them burn their crazy energy and then they will be tired asking for food and sleep. 

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13. Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline

Jumping up and down is big fun for our kids. Jumping in the trampoline is the best to exercise for kids to burn extra calories.

During jumping in the trampoline they learn how to control their body. During jumping in the trampoline, you need to make sure that your child stays active and eating nutritious meals.

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14. VTech Write and Learn Creative Center

Writing is fun. You can found lots of educational toys from an online shop. Usually, kids can recognize alphabets very early age but they don’t want to write with pencil and paper.
Always complaining “oh mommy I can’t write my hand is paining, my figure is paining” and I am sure most of the mom getting this kind of complaint from their kids.
This colorful toy magnetic drawing board provides unlimited fun. Easily kids will busy with writing and drawing activities without any complaint. Click here too.

15. VTech Drill and Learn Toolbox

A colorful Toolbox by Vtech included electronic tray’s, working toy drill, hammer, wrench, nails, and screws. This toy toolbox is much safer then daddy’s toolbox.

Insert the double-sided instruction cards and learn about colors and numbers while pretending to make repairs. 

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16. Dinosaur Inflatable Play Center

Summer is one of the wonderful time of year when children can enjoy a lot.  Most of the favorite activities among kids include bubble, playhouse, play tents, pools and water fun, beach toys and sandboxes.
 A colorful inflatable pool can bring extra fun for your kids in summer. Electric Air pump

17. Magnetic Blocks Toys for Kids Toddlers

Picking the right educational and developmental toys for your kids can be a challenging experience for parents. Each and every learning toy is different.

This magnetic blocks can be a small summer project for your kids. I think they will not bored with this project.  It will develop your kid’s creativity.

Every day you can give them a small project and they will love it, remember kids loves to explore new adventures. People also bought Dinosaur Toy



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18. Ring Toss – Hookey

Another educational toy/ gifts Ring Toss – Hookey, One of the best fun and educational toy for kids and parents too. Toss wall is an Australian famous game.

This game will help to develop your kids hand-eye coordination and counting.

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 19. Table-top curling game 

Summer means extra fun extra time to make more bonding with family. Table-top curling game it’s not only for kids but also for parents.

Your child will be delighted when you introduce this game.


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20. Combo outdoor playset of 3 Hook and Loop catch Speedball & Badminton in a mesh carryon bag

Your group summer fun is here. Three games are one bag. Hook and Loop catch Speedball, Badminton set. 

Perfect Summer Activities for your kids. Easy to Store – Easy to travel with – Makes a great & fun gift idea too!


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21. Kids Bowling Play Set

Great bowling play set for your children. Easy to play, great colors, the educational game as well. You can buy it from Amazon since ToysR Us is not around anymore.
This is soft foam and doesn’t make a lot of noise falling down. 

22. Piano Toy Keyboard Pink for Girls Birthday Gift

You will be very surprised to see how small this is, but the quality is worth it! So many features that are easy to use!
It plays lovely music, Very entertaining and easy for all ages to use. Another color is White
Amazing gifts for nature-loving kids. Kids love to explore everything. Hiking, biking, campaign those are compulsory summer fun for our kids.
Outdoor explorer kit like children toys binocular, flashlight, compass, magnifying glass, etc. You can get everything in one backpack with reasonable price.

24. Police Car and Race Car Radio Control Toys for Kids

Best little remote control cars for kids. Very easy to use best birthday gifts as well.

Your kids will be busy with this police car without frightening. Especially if you have two boys it is a great key to keep them busy instead of annoying you.


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25. Disney Minnie, Pop Superstar 

Definitely, your daughter will be happy to see her favorite Minnie.


A great gift idea for grandparents to surprised their granddaughters. It has 20 plus sounds and Minnie will sing for her. Great toy indeed.


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26. Children Chair Desk With Storage Bin, Nick Jr. PAW Patrol

Kids don’t dislike doing homework, they’d just rather be playing, which makes sense. I thought I’d get them something to “make homework fun” or give them a reason to do it.


These desks turned out to be perfect.  It’s durable, easy to clean, and very functional.

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29. The Educational, Augmented Reality Based Globe 

Now the whole world in your hand. If you give them a normal Globe they will no interest in that. If you give them Orboot globe, it is coming with App.
So your child will take it a very interesting way. It is a perfect learning toy to know about all around the world.
Very early age they will know which country is famous for what. And gradually will increase their geographical knowledge.

30. Toy Rocket Launcher 

Another outdoor toy in your backyard. Its a foam rocket nothing be scared. Just stomp and see how far is going your rocket.

Unlimited fun definitely your kids will love it. Also, they might be interested to learn about rockets and space. For more fun buy this too Rocket

And Foam Pogo Jumper



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31. Dinosaur Race Car Track Train Toy

Preschool is an important time to develop your child social and educational knowledge.

Children are like sponges and their little brain can absorb everything whatever you teach them.  It can give full play to children’s imagination and build their own Jurassic Park. You can choose it as a birthday gift and Christmas gift as well.




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32. Magnetic Dart Board

If you have a game room, it is incomplete without a dartboard. Another addition to family fun.
The magnets on the darts are high quality (probably rare earth neodymium magnets do to how well and strong they work) and stick very well.

33. EasyScore Basketball Set 

You can assemble this basketball set easily and it can set in your hallway, kitchen, and game room as well during winter. In summer you can set it in your backyard too.



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34. Tent Tunnel Including 4 Kids Play Tunnels

So it’s a birthday party, Christmas party or kids get together? it cannot be a party without the right accompaniments. Children are all ages can enjoy using this tent. I think ita a great idea for birthday gifts and Christmas gifts as well. 

35. Kids Skylar Dollhouse

Pidoko dollhouse is one of the most beautiful dollhouses in the market. The wood is sturdy. Easy to assemble. Plenty of furniture. Price was more affordable than other dollhouses.

Few suggestions to make strong bonding with our kids…

Regularly Communicating with kids. It’s not a question and answers session.
Go outside with them, try to explore something new.
Camping, hiking, biking, swimming together as a family.
Watch a movie together.
Give them some educational toys also explain to them about.
Eating together regularly especially dinner. 


Most of the parents are so busy with their carrier and other things. With a busy lifestyle, there is no time for kids activities.  With this hectic lifestyle how you can spend quality time with your family and kids? Do you think it is impossible?  It is not impossible, it’s possible.
As busy Parents, we always looking for toys and searching. What is the best educational summer indoor and outdoor toys/gifts for kids? Giving them toys is not a solution or expressing love to them.
Our kids are eagerly waiting for any vacation especially for summer. They want to spend some quality time with lovely parents. Also, its a good time to make strong bonding.
Being a parent is not easy, and not for the cowards either. I am a parent too and I know what it takes to be a parent. Our current generation is facing so much stress and pressure from all sides, more so to the young people.
The big question is “how can we help our next generation?” Each day of the week, month and year that passes us by are precious towards our children. Stay with them and listen to them.

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