why is breakfast the most important meal of the day

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“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper” by well-known American author and nutritionist Adelle Davis. 

Why Morning breakfast is an important meal to keep you healthy?

After long night starvation, you have to break your fast that is breakfast. If you want to start your day full of energy you have to finish your breakfast. We know Morning is the busiest part to start our day.

Morning breakfast is very important and essential for all of us. Without morning breakfast you will be tired, cranky and there is no spirit in your work.

You will lose your attention instead of losing weight. We thought oh I am gaining weight I have to avoid breakfast to lose weight. NO, you are wrong. Skipping meal is not a solution to losing weight.


Why Morning breakfast is important for Kids and Adult?


Kids usually don’t like to eat especially in the morning. But it is very important for their growth, developing their brain as well. Without morning breakfast within 10 am they will be tired, cranky, hungry became angry. They will lose their attention in the classroom.

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What happens when kids don’t eat breakfast?


If your kid skips morning breakfast, within a short time he or she will bore in the class, losing attention. And his brain performance will down. Sometimes they may complain “mummy my tummy is sick”

In the absence of nutrients, there is a hindrance in the growth of the child. It’s a long term effect for your child.

Morning nutrition is very important for physical growth, mental development, productivity, and performance.

Always try to give them healthy food instead of junk food. Remember, their pancreas is like a very fresh tiny small green leaf. Don’t make him confused. Though fast food shoppers are very active and providing new toys to get our kids attention. As rational parents, we have to confirm our child nutrition.


Is Breakfast important meal for adults as well????


You left your bed when your last alarm was ringing. Early morning it is pretty hard to prepare breakfast. And gradually we skipped breakfast. We thought to skip breakfast also helps to lose weight and stay healthy. NO, it is completely wrong. 

N.B Lots of smart kitchen gadget you can found from online to make your morning easier.

After long night starvation, we need to break our fast. Remember, empty car fuel tank always giving us signal “oh I want food, give me food I can’t run”.

Our body also likes a car. For better performance in your carrier and family life, you have to be fit and perfect.


What happens if you skip your breakfast?

  • If you skip breakfast your metabolism will go down, you cannot focus your attention.

  • Even you cannot think clearly.

  • Losing energy

  • Increase your weight

  • Destabilizes Your Mood

Difference between a healthy meal and an unhealthy meal

Healthy Food: Eating healthy is key for longer life. Healthy meal means eating a variety of foods that give us nutrients to maintain our health. And boost our energy. Fat, carbohydrates, water, vitamins and minerals help to boost our metabolism.

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Unhealthy food: Any food that’s not thought to be being contributing to maintaining health.
Unhealthy foods include fats (especially of animal origin), “fast” foods (which are low in fiber and vitamins), foods high in salt and tropical oils (e.g., fried potato crisps/chips), and cream-based (“white”) sauces (which are high in fat).

If you have diabetes and high blood pressure you have to skip a few foods from the morning meal

1. Milk- Milk is a protein also a carbohydrate. It will increase you after breakfast blood sugar. You can drink after 11 am

2. Junk food- Not only in the morning you have to say bye bye junk food from my life. Our pen-crease not lazy he loves only healthy foods. Junk food makes your skin so rough. Helps to gain your weight also increase your blood sugar.

3. White bread, pancake, croissant, Asian Parata – If your blood sugar is fluctuating, you should avoid that food from your menu. Did you ever check your blood sugar after eating those foods? I sure you will be scared to see after breakfast blood sugar.

4.  Oily food- We should avoid too much oily food. Oily food has several negative effects. In fact, eating regularly oily food may a higher risk of developing diabetes,  heart disease, and obesity. And you may be losing your natural beauty.

Well, balanced breakfast is acting like fuel in our body. It helps to protect our muscles, boost our metabolism, control unexpected weight. For your kids, academic performance, feeding them healthy food is the best key.

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